Have you ever heard of the Google Games? Get ready to have some fun! This “in a box” version of the Games includes head-to-head team competitions in a series of challenges including trivia, puzzles, word association, and coding.

At The Google Games RPI, competitors will compete against other students for victory in challenges that test your brains and creativity to their limits! It’s a continuum of fun as teams of five go head to head in rigorous events: trivia, puzzles, word association, and coding competitions. Teams of five undergraduate students will be competing for fun Google swag prizes.

I attended the Google Games 2016 with my team PMM in October last year and I enjoyed it a lot! And we were the winning team.

While I was looking at Coding Interview University and I couldn’t agree more on one thing John mentions:

If you have many years of software/web development experience, note that large software companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft view software engineering as different from software/web development, and they require computer science knowledge.

IMO, Computer Science knowledge is not only about Big-O, graph theory, or dynamic programming, it is also about logical reasoning skills, math skill, problem-solving skills and etc… So I would like to share with you the super fun challenges we did in the competition.

Think you’ve got game? Check out the puzzles below! (Two parts)

Part 1 (download)

Part 2 (download)